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Craig created an issue

I had been eagerly awaiting the ability to delete pull requests from bitbucket, only to find out there's a huge difference between and bitbucket server. A community thread is involved with this:

The feature has already been approved and implemented in server 5.1:

... and as that ticket states, there is nothing listed for (which in itself should be a bug -- the two should definitely strive to have similar feature sets!).

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  1. Andrew Eberle

    I too would like to be able to delete a PR that ends up in bitbucket by mistake. If you rename branch and create a new pull request for the newly renamed branch the old pull request is left orphaned. All I could do was decline it so its hidden away a bit, but would really like to delete it. Especially as an author of the PR.

  2. Sean Peters

    Still waiting... I feel like I should add that this is not just a convenience issue, but a security issue for us. Sure you can rotate keys that have been accidentally PR'd but other sensitive user data can't be rotated and now forever sits in a bitbucket PR... even after the git repo itself has been scrubbed clean.

  3. Joshua D Ewell

    This request should really get more attention than it is currently getting, especially for the reason Sean Peters noted above.

  4. Jeff Bergman

    Just now, in trying to solve this issue, I decided, "What the heck, why don't I try deleting the branch, declining my old, unnecessary pr and see what happens?" Only I didn't say "heck".

    Anyway, the point is that the declined pull request no longer shows up in our list of pull requests, which is what we wanted to happen.

    So, for our purposes, the problem was solved that way.

  5. Joseph Roberts

    We really need this, and it should be restricted to Admins. We have developers accidentally committing secrets and no pathway to secure that except to delete the branch/repo and recreate the branch from local.

  6. Jonathon Robinson (JRob)

    We have a critical issue where a secret was pushed to a branch and a PR created. We are able to delete the branch but the PR stores a copy of the secrets which I have no way to delete. We really need a Delete feature for PRs.

  7. Victor Agung

    I deleted my branch but the PR is still there, would be good to be able to delete the PR as well.

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