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Hi Team,

I have another query please assistance the same.

How can i set branch permissions for all repositories instead of set branch permission individual repositories ? I want to set default branch permission for all repository @ cloud Bitbucket like Bitbucket server "URL: "

Can you please provide some on line documentation links for resolve these two issues.

Regards, Nitin Kumar

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    At this time, branch permissions must be set on a per-repository basis in Bitbucket Cloud ( There is no mechanism to set them across multiple repositories. As a result, I am leaving this issue open as a feature request.


  2. Sam Cackett

    Had to deal with this recently, have around 30 repos and wanted to set some branch permissions on all of them, had to go through manually in the end to do it, such a pain given the Bitbucket UI is already pretty slow.

    I would love to have this feature, even if it's just an API that I have to run a curl command against.

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