Already added my uniq ssh-key to my repository. but still not work (read access only)

Issue #14594 invalid
Rifki Fauzi
created an issue

my repository kubid/obelus_tech, I've added an ssh-key.. I put my .pub key on the repository setting.

in my server when I try to pull it return:

repository access denied. deployment key is not associated with the requested repository.

when I check using ssh -v, it return:

This deploy key has read access to the following repositories:
kubid/obelus_tech: ssh_key_name -- deploy@xxxx

how do I change it into read/write access ?

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  1. Gabriel Marcolino staff


    We've marked this issue as invalid since this page is for tracking known bugs and feature requests on Bitbucket. We went ahead and created a support ticket for you under your Bitbucket email. Soon a Bitbucket engineer will be contacting you. 


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