Force users to use Team account?

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Nezu IT created an issue


Any way of bringing in a feature to force users to create repositories in the "Team account"? As premium users, we need a way of being able to track for and account what users are doing with the code. If they're creating repos in their own account, we no longer have this visibility.



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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Carl,

    This is (and won't be) possible - every Bitbucket account has its own personal space for repositories, which is a key part of the product. The repos users create in their own accounts are their own, and since Bitbucket users own their accounts, a team can't impose a restriction such as this one on an individual's account.

    However, if a user accidentally creates a work-related repository in their personal account, it should be obvious when they are unable to add the work team's groups to share it. They can transfer the repository to the team in that case.


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