Unable to fetch fingerprints

Issue #14598 resolved
Jesus Lopez Caballero created an issue

When I add my host (in SSH keys pipelines setting) and try to fetch fingerprint I get the following error message:

"Unable to fetch fingerprints, check host SSH connection and try again"

This started to happen last Friday, and since then is not working anymore. No changes were made on the host and I can SSH normally. Other repositories have been set with the same host before Friday are working.

Looks like is not able to find the host by some network reason? Could you please check it? Host is 'qa-smartplugin.youbora.com'


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  1. James Fawcett

    Same problem here, not been able to add known hosts on any of our projects

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  2. Lukas Obermann

    I am now able to fetch the fingerprint, but when I click on "Add Host" it just fetches the fingerprint again instead of adding it.

  3. Michal Kleiner

    Same here in New Zealand, fingerprint fetched, but unable to add it to the list.

    Update: Worked now, 3 hours after the original comment.

  4. Aneita Yang

    Thanks for raising this. We had a bug on our end which meant that fingerprints could not be stored. The bug has now been fixed. If you continue to experience issues, please raise a support ticket so that we can look at your repository in more detail.

    We apologise for the inconvenience.

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