Keyboard shortcuts do not work from Pipeline page

Issue #14615 wontfix
Ben Tatham
created an issue

On the Pipeline page, the keyboard shortcuts do not work consistently. It seems that if the browser focus is on the nav bars on the left (in the new nav views), they do work, but if the focus is on the pipelines portion of the page itself, they do not work. When the page loads, it is in the non-working state - mouse click on the nav bars on the left to put focus there.

Also, there is no keyboard shortcut to navigate to the Pipelines within a Repository. (R - P is taken for Pull Requests (that should have been R-R, perhaps), therefore I suggest L for Line or something like that).

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  1. Aneita Yang staff
    • changed status to open

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for raising this. As Pipelines is implemented as a Connect add-on for Bitbucket, this is quite difficult for us to fix. I'll leave this open, but it is a low priority for us right now.

  2. Ben Tatham reporter

    One option may be a hotkey in pipelines connect add-on to put focus back into Bitbucket just an extra hotkey before getting access to the normal ones.

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