Checked tasks on pull requests sometimes prevent merges

Issue #14622 open
Jesse Yowell
staff created an issue

This seems like faulty behavior when creating pull request tasks:

  1. Create PR, and create tasks for said PR
  2. Complete the task
  3. Try and merge the PR

You'll see that the merge will not complete and it will still complain there are unresolved tasks, even though it shows as all tasks are resolved. The workaround is simply unchecking the task and re-checking it.

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  1. Olivier Bellemare

    The fact that the Pull Request shows unresolved tasks on the Pull Request List page is pretty annoying (as shown in issue #15230).

    We'd like to go through the list, and if we see that there are still unresolved tasks, we would not open the Pull Request and move on to the next one. However, since we cannot trust the count of unresolved tasks in the list, we have to open each Pull Request just in case the count is wrong in the list. This leads to unnecessary delays in our workflow.

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