Configure expiry time of Bitbucket Invitation Emails

Issue #14648 open
Pravin Mahendran
staff created an issue

Currently Bitbucket Cloud invitation are only valid for 7 days as it will expire.

It would useful feature to allow users to customize the expiry limit or disable the expiry. The reason for this is because some users would only open the invitation much later and the invitation would expire by then.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    This is interesting. We chose 7 days as a good mix between security (you don't want them to never expire) and usability (we expect most invited users to be on the same team or work at the same company, so 7 days seems reasonable). What's the use case for a longer expiry?

  2. Sujit Singh

    Hi Alastair - Fair thought about the security.

    However our usecase is also somewhat around security in a way. Since there isn't support for AD integration/SSO in bitbucket cloud yet, and hence people in our organization continued to have bitbucket access even after leaving the organization. So, in order to get around this, basically we are syncing the users in AD to users in bitbucket (inviting ad users when they join company, and revoking access when they leave company). Now for the invitation part, some users don't accept the invitation email when they join company (probably still in the new joineers orientation processes) and the sync solution keeping spamming them every 7 days with emails. So i was wondering if we can make this setting configurable or disable it altogether.

    Thanks, Sujit

  3. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Ah, I see. Tell them to accept the invitation and join Bitbucket! 😉 To be honest, I don't anticipate us adding an extra config option for this at this time, as it's a bit of an edge case - but we'll wait for more feedback. As a workaround, you might consider creating an AD group like 'bitbucket users' that users who will never join Bitbucket wouldn't be added to.

  4. Sujit Singh

    Thanks, yeah i was thinking the same or have a blackList file to not resend emails. Just for context- the new users might not have info to join bitbucket, they might be in orientation processes (onboarding) in first 7 days, so they might want to join bitbucket after say 3-4 weeks by accepting the invite. But not all the new users will not want to join.

  5. Adam Rider

    Any updates on the issue? We are having a similar situation where the invitations expire and we have to resend them. It would be helpful if we could extend the period before an invitation expires.

  6. Stephen Cole

    Here's another use case to throw in the mix: we use Bitbucket repos under an academic license for several college courses. It's nice to create the repos a few weeks in advance of the semester for testing and to get the course infrastructure set early, but students often don't accept the invitations until classes start, so we end up sending out a lot of re-invitations. A window of a couple of weeks or even a month would be very helpful.

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