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Gabriel Marcolino
staff created an issue

When about to merge a pullrequest, bitbucket attempted to render the diffs, however, it breaks and reloads in an infinite loop. This may be related to this line of the code:

<!-- <script async src="//"></script> -->

as this was the only change in the pullrequest. So it's impossible to merge.

Workaround: just remove the line instead of commenting it out. I verily believe the <!-- broke your rendering of diff and thus created an infinite loop. Hope this helps.

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  1. Ben Hendel-Doying

    also seeing infinite reloads, on a coworker's PR. it's not a super-small PR (includes new JS, HTML, and PNG files), but glancing over it I didn't see anything unusual. I can say that it does not contain any commented-out <script> tags (the only comment block is <!--Include OAS Analytics Setup Script 728x90 Top-->)

    tested in both Opera and Chrome (because I'm a weirdo who uses Opera by default, and when a website does a weird thing, sometimes using not-Opera fixes it :P)

    [edit] tried it in FF, and the same thing happens, though it looks a little different: in Chrome and Opera a larger portion of the page appears to reload than in FF. I don't know if that's an actual difference in how the bitbucket site is behaving, though, or just differences in how the different browsers render changing content.

    opera: infinireload-opera.gif

    firefox: infinireload-firefox.gif

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