Clicking on the avatar of a user who's made a comment has stopped navigating to the comment

Issue #14661 resolved
Nick Payne
created an issue

Whilst reviewing a pull request, it used to be possible to click the avatar of a user who had just made a comment, and the UI would scroll to the comment.

This has stopped working, and it's really annoying! It makes reviewing/responding to comments much more laborious.

Please fix it! (The icon/gravatar still updates with comment count, but clicking it doesn't do anything!)

Browser: chrome 60 / win10

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  1. Stacy London staff

    Looks like something changed in the latest version of Chrome to break this. It worked on 60.0.3112.113 but I just upgraded to 61.0.3163.91 and was able to reproduce the issue. Other browsers are working correctly. We will investigate.

  2. Stacy London staff

    We've figured out a fix. Updating the jquery.scrollto lib to the latest version addresses the issue introduced by Chrome 61. We'll get a PR out shortly and get this fix out soon.

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