Need a way to escape to check on commit message done by ( git pull origin <branch> )

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Tarun Prakash created an issue


We have been using Link feature in bitbucket to enforce JIRA issue IDs in commit messages and it normally works fine except one scenario and its kind of blocker for us to use this feature effectively.

Issue -

Lets say i have feature branch created from develop

I am working on it and by the time, i have completed my feature few other features got merged in develop branch. So my local branch i behind develop and need to be updated.

So, to update my local feature branch i take a pull from develop which eventually merges develop branch code to my local branch ( it creates a commit ID without the pattern we want in commit message )

So when a developer tries to push his/her changes, it complaints about missing JIRA IDs in commits.

Logs for reference - File attached

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