Cannot integrate to hipchat after change team name

Issue #14682 wontfix
Ronnie Ayala created an issue


I can't integrate my repositories with hipchat after change the team name. (All repositories were created after the change).

When I try to integrate, these erros are showed:


The name of repository showed in the error is the old name of team.


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  1. Aneita Yang

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out and raise this ticket.

    In mid-2018, we announced that we will be discontinuing both Hipchat and Stride.

    Because of the strength of our integrations, we encourage customers to move to Slack. We are working with the Slack team to provide a migration path and are committed to making this move as easy as possible for our customers.

    For details on the migration, check out our migration guide. The last day to export data from Stride and Hipchat Cloud is March 15, 2019.

    Our partnership with Slack will include co-built native integrations of Slack within Atlassian’s product family, creating a seamless teamwork experience. If this ticket concerns an improvement that you would like to see in the Bitbucket and Slack integration, feel free to reopen this ticket.

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