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Thibault Meyer
created an issue


Is it possible to upgrade the docker used in the Pipeline to it newest version ? In our company, we are using the HEALTHCHECK instruction with the flag --start-period into our Dockerfile (cause our container take time to get ready).

It seems Bitbucket using an outdated version of docker (Version: 1.12.6 / API version: 1.24). It would be nice if you can upgrade to the current docker version: 17.06.1 (or at least the version 17.05.0 who introduce the flag --start-period)

Pipelines output

Removing intermediate container 62462bb4788e
Step 4 : HEALTHCHECK --start-period=25s --interval=5s --timeout=2s --retries=1 CMD wget -q -O /dev/null -T 2 || exit 1
Unknown flag: start-period

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