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Cam Mannett
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A couple of ReST pages of my (private) wiki are not rendering, their raw text is displayed instead, interestingly it's displayed in the style of a code example. I have no feedback on why these two pages are not rendering, whilst all others are - presumably there's some sort of parse error, but who knows as nothing is reported back to the user.

If I hit 'Edit' and then 'Preview', it continues to display in this raw text style - no dialogue appears complaining of an issue.

restview renders the pages without complaint, so I'm a little lost here.

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  1. Cam Mannett reporter

    Actually I'm changing this to a bug. If I go into 'Edit' mode on one of the offending ReST files and add a single space to the end of one of the rows, and hit 'Preview' - it works! If I then commit that change, it continues to work...

    For a few minutes. If I view the file a short time later, it's back to rendering wrong. Although these files are large and complex, they shouldn't be anywhere near overwhelming for the parser, as even the largest is less than 100Kb (it's attached).

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