Need a flag such as "Accepted" for each file/diff in the review tool

Issue #14771 duplicate
Yannick Koehler
created an issue

When there is a big review a developer may go to the review and do a part of it, then leave and come back later. Yet it may have click on some file/diff without having fully review them.

When he returned bitbucket may not display those files as bold anymore since the user did click on them once.

I need a flag such as "Accepted" on each file/diff so that the developer can say "I did this file or diff" which would be a better way to track where he is at in its review than if the file / diff has or not been seen by the reviewer in question which is not trustable.

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  1. Gareth Jones

    This is actually a duplicate of (There's another duplicate floating around as well).

    This issue has been around since 2013, and with a high priority - The original was closed due to apparent lack of activity, and so I'm trying hard to get a staff response on this issue, as the case is extremely common, and the ability to approve per file would do wonders given the large amount of problems 'tasks' and comments on PRs have.

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