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Hi. I have created an account in the "link in with google" way and the normal account way. I've always logged in with the google way, but today I logged in through the normal way. It immediately said something along the lines of "You have two accounts with this email, do you want to merge the account?". Me thinking that "merge" will actually merge the accounts clicked "yes". after a few seconds I saw that i did'nt have any repos, (that is actually not a problem, to the only important repo I have a backup in another computer) so I tried to log out log in but the only problem is that I could'ent log in. After that I logged in with the google way and there too I did'nt see the repos, so again, I logged out and I tried to reset my password, entered my email, clicked "continue" and I did'nt receive any mail

To me it isn't that a big of a problem. I'm just warning you before it does something to a person that has no backup.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi there,

    Issues related to a specific account are best handled by our support team. I see that you've resolved this issue yourself, but for future issues like this feel free to shoot an email to to open a support case.


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