Organize and search snippets

Issue #14801 open
Josip Bozic
created an issue

There should be option to organize snippets by language, or platform, or whatever developer wants. Also there should be search in snippets list. That's basic.

Comments (20)

  1. Rosa Guthrie

    I'm truly surprised that there is not more support for this request. Our team is looking for a way to share useful snippets, and we are at a loss on how to accomplish this if we're unable to search even the title!

  2. Jamieson L Sidoti

    Must be able to search through snippets (at least by title) but there also needs to be a way of organizing snippets. If you only have a few code snippets it's not a big deal, but get 100 or more and you really need to organize them in some logical fashion. Maybe make folders to hold snippets by category?

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