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Marin Grgic
created an issue

Hi, Two members of our development team have, at the same time or very close it, merged two different pull requests.

The result is strange. Both merged pull requests show that they have been merged at the same commit. Looking at the commits shows a different result.

These are the Pull Requests:

PR3979.JPG PR3989.JPG

There are the merge commits:

Commit_Clare.JPG Commit_Ian.JPG

This has happened previously, and it only appears to happen when the pull requests are merged at the same time or close to it.


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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi there,

    Scenarios like these are often the result of edge cases (or repo-specific situations) that are difficult to track down in public issues like this one. The most common and impactful edge cases end up having lots of tickets opened against them which make them easier to resolve, but since we haven’t yet seen that with this issue, please open a support ticket at if you are still experiencing issues so we can better understand the specifics.



  2. Marin Grgic reporter


    Sorry, but “we can’t replicate” is not good enough.

    We have this happen often. Especially on busy days where we do over a 100 merges. We have around 100 active developers every day.

    This issue current and should not be closed.


  3. Alastair Wilkes staff


    Sorry, but “we can’t replicate” is not good enough.

    I didn't say we couldn't replicate it.

    I said that this sounds like an edge case that is difficult to track down in public issues like this one without more specific information. We're not going to discuss the details of your specific account in a public forum - so if you want this issue resolved, please file a support ticket so we can investigate your account and get to the bottom of this.


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