Bitbucket Trello integrations gets stuck if Trello account is deleted

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Deric Lee
staff created an issue

Bitbucket throws the following error on the Trello settings page and Boards page when the Trello account is deleted without unlinking the account first: "Something went wrong Try refreshing the page"

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  1. Bradley Dice

    I filed this bug with the Atlassian Service Desk. It may be helpful to know that the Bitbucket API returns the following:

    {"message": "child \"user_uuid\" fails because [\"user_uuid\" is not allowed to be empty]", "validation": {"keys": ["user_uuid"], "source": "query"} , "error": "Bad Request", "statusCode": 400}

    In addition, the <iframe> holding the Trello content has a data-env attribute with content {"LD_GLOBAL_USER":{"key":"NoUser"}}, along with other key-value pairs that I am not sharing to ensure my account security.

  2. Michael Omizzolo
    • go on Trello
    • create a new board
    • add the bitbucket powerup
    • choose any of your repositories and add it to that new board

    you can even create a new repo if you don't want to touch the existing ones, this will restore the feature on all repos because the problem is just on your account

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