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By default, merge commits are de-emphasized in the repository's "Commits" page by greying them out. They're still present and accessible, but they're not obvious. This is problematic to me. Merge commits are my most important commits and, if anything, should be highlighted. In my workflow, major features enter master exclusively through merges. I understand from this forum thread that it's an intended feature, but I wanted to add my voice to those requesting that this be optional. Maybe it already is, and I just couldn't find the setting?

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your feedback. At this time, we don't plan to add an option to configure this -

    As mentioned in the forum thread, the idea behind this treatment is that merge commits essentially 'repeat' commits that are already in the history, so it's better to highlight the actual commits where changes took place. And after all, they may be grayed out, but they do get that cool "M" lozenge! 😄

    Thinking out loud here, but perhaps it would be useful to be able to filter this list to only show merge commits - and in that view they would not be grayed out.

    Alternatively - and this is probably a bit extreme, but I'll throw it out there anyway - would squash-merging help you in this case?


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