Tags/Branches label missing in web interface

Issue #14839 closed
Antal Molnár
created an issue

Firefox 55.0.3

The Tags/Branch labels are sometimes missing in Commits view. The labels sometimes appears after couple of refresh. Please see the attached image.

https://bitbucket.org/[Company]/[repo]/commits/branch/master or https://bitbucket.org/[Company]/[repo]/commits/branch/all

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  1. Daniel Tao staff

    These labels are populated asynchronously to avoid blocking requests with unnecessary computational cost, and as such there is a chance they will sometimes not appear (i.e. if the work to populate them has not yet completed).

    That said, this should normally work. If these UI elements did not appear consistently for a period of time, it may have been due to a temporary spike in load on our systems.

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