Pipelines build usage minutes on the repo level doesn't match account usage minutes

Issue #14842 resolved
Yana Bazulina
staff created an issue

Pipelines build usage minutes on the repo level under pipelines "Usage" doesn't match account usage minutes under Settings -> Plan Details

If you are not the Admin on account and only have access to the Repo and would like to check on the repo level how many minutes are remaining for your account under "Usage" this screen doesn't reflect correctly the "Free minutes used this period" However if you go to the account Settings -> Plan Details -> build minutes used this billing period -> the number of minutes used that is appearing in Grey is reflecting correctly the number of minutes remaining.

Would be great if we can bring those 2 screens into sync Please see screen shots attached for visual explanation

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  1. Aneita Yang staff

    Thanks for raising this, Yana. The team is currently looking into the bug - I will keep you updated on our progress via this issue.

    Ivan, the minutes that are used depend on the repository that you are working on. For example, if you own the repository, then your build minutes will be used when you run a pipeline. If the repository is owned by a team, the team's minutes will be used. I hope this clarifies things.

  2. Yana Bazulina staff reporter

    Ivan, the minutes usage is always counted against the account that is the owner of the repo, not against the user account who has access to the repo
    Hope this helps

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