Pipelines SSH key too short

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Florent Mata
created an issue


I have 3 repositories : A, B, C. A has Pipelines enabled. B has in its access keys the Pipelines public key of A, works well since August. Builds of A run good.

Now, A needs C. I want to add the same Pipelines public key of A in C access keys but I encounter this error : Key is not long enough. Bitbucket requires RSA keys be at least 2048 bits.

I did not see a mention in changelog or update notice on your side.

Have I to setup a new Pipelines public key of A and deploy it again in B and C ? Or is it a bug on your side ?


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  1. Jeroen De Raedt staff

    Hey @Florent Mata,

    This was indeed an issue on our side. We have just deployed a change so that newly generated RSA keys by Pipelines have a bigger bit size. You should be able to generate a new key through pipelines and configure it in Bitbucket.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Kind regards, Jeroen

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