Flag which files I already reviewed on a Pull Request

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Bruno Auad David
created an issue

When I do Code Review mostly on large Pull Requests (containing many files), and I have to stop it for some time and come back later to resume the Code Review, sometimes I do not remember which files I already reviewed. This adds extra time on my Code Review process, since I would have to review some files again. I would like to have a feature on the Pull Request page where I could flag which files I already reviewed. Also, on the list of files on the top, I would like see an icon indicating if I already reviewed that file or not.

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  1. Brian Paher

    Having a Pending vs. Reviewed status for each file would definitely help with code reviews. Additionally, I would like to see the status of a "Reviewed" file switch back to "Pending" if a later commit changes that file after I have marked it as "Reviewed".

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