Sharing maven cache between repositories

Issue #14884 wontfix
Roy Donasco
created an issue

Hi, I'm trying to build a pipeline which has dependency from an artifact generated by another pipeline under the same project. It always fail because there's no way it can see the artifacts from another pipeline during maven build.

Is there a way to store it that can be visible across repositories that are under the same project?

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  1. Matt Ryall staff

    There's no way to do this built into Pipelines. I'd suggest publishing your artifacts to a Maven repository, then pulling them down for use in the dependent build.

    If you can host your repository in the AWS us-east region (or a provider in a similar location), you'll be in close proximity to Bitbucket Pipelines and should have very fast access to/from your Pipeline for this data.

    We don't have any plans to support sharing artifacts across Pipelines in different repositories in the near future, so I'll close this ticket off for now.

  2. Steve Taylor

    It would be very nice if Bitbucket added artifact repositories (Maven, npm, Nuget, Docker, etc.). It is not a well served market at all, especially not for smaller players who can't afford to splash out thousands on Artifactory.

  3. Lynn Scott

    Upvote for Steve Taylor's comment. It really is lame to not have an internal artifact store that is shared between pipelines. In my case, I have Artifactory behind the firewall. Now I have to open up a way to have Bitbucket reach back to retrieve the dependency. Now I have to spend extra money for a work around. After all this is software so there certainly is a way to architect this in. Thanks!

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