Error while branch batch removal

Issue #14915 closed
Michael Manukyan created an issue

I was removing my branches using xargs in two processes (-P2) and I got the following error when I tried to remove some branch:

remote: Traceback (most recent call last):
remote:   File "/opt/python/domains/", line 185, in _get_response
remote:     response = wrapped_callback(request, *callback_args, **callback_kwargs)
remote:   File "/opt/python/domains/", line 527, in wrapper
remote:     return wrapped(*args, **kwargs)
remote:   File "/opt/python/domains/", line 58, in wrapped_view
remote:     return view_func(*args, **kwargs)
remote:   File "/opt/python/domains/", line 39, in inner
remote:     content = func(request, environ=environ)
remote:   File "/opt/python/domains/", line 56, in postgithook
remote:     return posthooks.githooks(request, environ)
remote:   File "/opt/python/domains/", line 1859, in wrapper
remote:     push = GitPush.fromfile(repo, input_ or sys.stdin)
remote:   File "/opt/python/domains/", line 1953, in fromfile
remote:     for ref in repo._repo.listall_reference_objects():
remote: OSError: failed to read descriptor: Stale file handle

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi there,

    Scenarios like these are often the result of edge cases (or repo-specific situations) that are difficult to track down in public issues like this one. The most common and impactful edge cases end up having lots of tickets opened against them which make them easier to resolve, but since we haven’t yet seen that with this issue, please open a support ticket at if you are still experiencing issues so we can better understand the specifics.



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