Failed to connect to port 443: Network is unreachable

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Mario Chogllo
created an issue

Hi friends, why this message when i wanth push in my repository??

"Failed to connect to port 443: Network is unreachable"

Are 3 days from i have this message, someone can hel me please???

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hi Mario,

    Our correct domain is, is just a redirect to If you update your repositories to point to our correct domain, it should work for you. If you still can't reach us, please reach out to your network admin or provider to see if there's something blocking us.

    Finally, if the above doesn't resolve your issue, please report as much information about your connection, with a traceroute, to

  2. Jim Redmond staff

    Why are you using for your repo endpoints? Nothing in the interface here gives out addresses - they're all - and any HTTP or HTTPS traffic that gets to just gets redirected to

    In this specific case, though, you should be able to use tracert (Windows) or traceroute (macOS/Linux) to see where your requests are being interrupted. I suspect there's a firewall or proxy that is dropping or misdirecting this traffic. It's also possible that you're getting an incorrect answer for DNS queries on (which should be,, or in IPv4, or 2401:1d80:1010::157, 2401:1d80:1010::158, or 2401:1d80:1010::159 in IPv6).

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