Team membership not seen by repository

Issue #14968 open
Patrick Roumanoff
created an issue

I created a team. I am a member of the "administrators" group for the team. I created a private repository for this team. I removed myself from the user permission, but still listed under administrators when I want to add me again as a user, I get the message

That user isn’t part of your team
Are you sure you want to give repository access to a user who isn’t your teammate?

So it looks like I am not part of the team, but I am still a member of the administrators group.

Being a member of a group doesn't make me a member of the team?

The team is still listed under my account. and I am still listed under the team members.

As a result, the DockerHub integration can't see my team until I add back my user name to the repository - though it doesn't provide any additional privilege, since I am already a member of the admin team.

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