Build status links to Pipelines can't be Cmd-/Ctrl-clicked to open in a new tab

Issue #14979 open
Deric Lee
created an issue

Currently, Bitbucket has a javascript listener that always opens Pipelines links in the same window regardless of modifier keys used by the user. This causes cmd/ctrl+left click to open the tab within the same tab.

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  1. Matt Ryall staff

    Thanks for the report, definitely a bug.

    This applies to everywhere the build status information appears, but is specific to build status links to Pipelines. We did some investigation and confirmed the cause but implementing a fix isn't simple enough that we can do it right away.

    The problem is caused by the JS trying to override the target="_blank" attribute that we put in the markup. Rather than conditionally including this attribute in the markup, we're doing conditional behaviour in the JavaScript to force the link to be opened the same window if the destination is a Bitbucket build, rather than an external build.

    Best workaround for now is to right-click and open in new tab instead of command-clicking.

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