Double-sided arrow cursor for adjusting navigation column width can be misleading

Issue #14991 closed
Genevieve Moreau created an issue

I thought I could customize the width of the grey navigation column when I saw the double arrow cursor (similar to the columns in a Mac Finder window, or changing the width of a browser window), but when I drag and release the menu snaps into two possible states; open or minified.

There are two different levels of interaction here; the finger cursor click and the double arrow dragging. But they both do the same thing - open or minify. From a user's perspective; if I can control the edge of a container by dragging it with with my mouse, I'd like it to remain at the width it is released at.

Possible solution: Perhaps remove the double arrow cursor and dragging functionality so that there is only one way a user can interact with the menu (by clicking). Keep it simple :)

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    This is a tricky one, because we want to use the same navigation component across products.In some products it makes sense for the column to be resizeable (e.g. Confluence) because the sidebar contains user-generated content. In Bitbucket, the sidebar always contains the same items - no user-generated content. I believe we're using the same control bar for both scenarios. I'll pass this along to the Atlassian Design team. Thanks for the feedback!

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