Archived snapshots should contain subrepo contents (BB-740)

Issue #1500 open
Steve Losh
created an issue

When you download a snapshot of a repository at a given tag, any subrepo content isn't included. This makes those snapshots pretty much useless.

Example: -- the content/ folder (a subrepo) isn't included in the download.

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  1. Ronald Barendse

    As @Ola Herrdahl mentions in issue #2965, this also breaks integration services like AppHarbor, since not all code is included in the archive to create a successful build. Please make sure the POST service also links to the archive containing all sub-repositories (or create an option to enable this/add an extra service type).

    When using private subrepos (requiring authentication), it should first look for user information in the URI ( and fall back to the BitBucket account of the main repository (if this isn't already default behavior).

  2. Roman Starkov

    Whenever I use a subrepo in a project, semi-skilled coders can't easily grab my source code. That just sucks. They have to either install Mercurial and know how to clone, or download piece by piece.

  3. Craig Dennis

    This would be a great feature.

    It was expected behaviour me (as you guys to everything else so well) and I had to explain to a client (who has yet to install git) why the styleguide was missing.

  4. james woodyatt

    I completely forgot this problem was still open. Long ago decided this was effectively in the Works As Designed category despite the problem still being registered as open.

    I fail to see how this design is a good one.

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