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Bhavin Acharya
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I am facing a problem, my one of the team member(Pooja) is generating a Pull Request from her cloud Bitbucket account. It is showing her name as Author but when we receive email, that email sends from other team member name(Nehal). Please refer attached screenshot.

Screenshot: Please refer my RED color marked with below points
1. Pooja is the Author that is correct
2. email notification should come from Pooja's account, why it is showing from Nehal's account?
3. Why it refers as "Nehal updated Pull Request"? Pooja has generated Pull Request.

Please help me to resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance.
Bhavin Acharya.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Without being able to see your private information, I can't answer this for sure. But, it could be that Nehal was the user who pushed the new commit? Note that there is a difference between the person who creates a commit, and the person who pushes this commit into the repository. Be sure to take a look at how all your users are pushing code into your repository to ensure no one is sharing credentials or SSH keys in your team.

    To dig into this further, please raise a private support request to https://support.atlassian.com. Our support team has access to help you troubleshoot this issue in private.


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