Pull request - "We were unable to load this page"

Issue #15006 invalid
Lukasz Stefaniszyn
created an issue

For one of PR's it is not possible to view comments. ( https://bitbucket.org/capntc/selenium_workshop/pull-requests/210/ )

Only visible message is "We were unable to load this page"


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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff


    For any Pull request issue, it may be good to try and do the same merge offline. There's always the possibility that your branches have hit an edge case in our Pull request handling that may result in a broken PR. Try merging these two branches locally and see what happens. You might end up finding the issue outside of Bitbucket.

    If this doesn't help you resolve your issue, please visit support.atlassian.com. Someone from our support team will be able to help you. This issue tracker is for reporting of bugs, and requesting features for Bitbucket Cloud.


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