Edit / Delete task links not present when task is copied into existence.

Issue #15058 open
Aron Beal created an issue

When commenting on a pull request on bitbucket.org, I've found that if you create a task by highlighting a code comment you have made and pressing the Create task link, the controls for editing or deleting that task to not appear.

This issue is unique to creating via copy - it works fine when creating without highlighting first, and copying the text into place. Upon page reload, the links appear, but they do not initially exist. This may seem trivial, but it can be frustrating to deal with if the PR is large.

Steps to reproduce:

  • In an existing pull request:
  • create a comment anywhere in a changed code section.
  • highlight the comment.
  • Press Create task. A new task will be created without Edit or delete links.
  • Clear the text selection, and press Create task again. A new task will be generated that does have the aforementioned links.

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