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Clayton Taylor created an issue

I'm over quality for a server team that provides functionality for a web client, Android app and iOS app. The backend team recently started working on moving to a Microservices architecture. As a division, we use JIRA for Kanban in an effort to move towards being able to continuously deliver. This means that we have numerous repositories with completely different concerns when it comes to code review and merging pull requests.

Because of this, I have been looking for a good way to integrate a checklist into our process that prevents code from merging into master unless it's ready. It would be a game changer if each repo admin could set up a custom checklist template that had to be completed before being able to merge. There are a handful of plugins that let you automate blocking merges for a specific condition, but not everything a team wants to require is already built into software somewhere.

Examples include necessary unit testing, integration testing, end to end API and/or UI testing, feature functionality, build success, deployment success, code formatting checks, etc. With the multitude of automation integrations available with Atlassian products, this and some API endpoints would allow teams to completely automate code review instead of needing different tools for every check.

If this feature was to get added, a major subsequent feature would be to enable or disable nested checklists from repo admin perspective as well. This would allow devs and QA to add/edit/delete checklists that implicitly become required before a merge as well.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Good news!

    It sounds like you'd probably benefit from using merge checks on Bitbucket. Between the merge checks and our numerous integrations you should be able to easily achieve this. If you don't find an integration that works for you, check out our API documentation for build status where you can learn how to teach the build/test systems you already use to integrate with Bitbucket.

    If there's anything else that you don't find between our existing merge checks, integrations, and APIs for build integration, please feel free to open a new ticket requesting the specific other missing features you're looking for.

    Cheers, Marcus Bertrand

  2. Clayton Taylor reporter

    @mbertrand80 I didn't realize we could require tasks to be completed before a merge, sorry for not being more thorough before logging a ticket. That being said, it doesn't appear that I can create default tasks at a repository level which is really the core functionality of the feature request I made. Is that wrong or do you rely on third party integration for that functionality?

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