Branch un-highlights in table when you click on the three dots

Issue #15087 wontfix
Sam Lobel created an issue

It's a small issue, but an issue nonetheless.

1) Go to a project with branches.
2) When you mouse over a branch, it changes color to let you know which branch you are over.
3) When you click the three dots that signify "more options," the branch stays highlighted at first. But when you move your mouse down to select one of the options, the table-row un-highlights.

That's a problem because, when you go down to "close branch", it can be a little difficult to know which branch you're closing.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for reporting this - I see what you're saying here, but given other priorities I don't see us being able to resolve this soon. Therefore I am closing this issue as wontfix.


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