Allow Bitbucket Pipelines read-write access to the repository

Issue #15093 duplicate
Thomas Raehalme
created an issue

At the moment you can allow Bitbucket Pipelines to make modifications to a repository by adding an SSH key inside Bitbucket Pipelines configuration and then adding the corresponding public key to the team access keys. The latter grants read-write access to every repository.

Could you add a simple checkbox to Bitbucket Pipelines to enable read-write access to the same repository? Upon enabling the access Bitbucket Pipelines should be allowed to push changes to the repository (assuming the image has git installed).

This enhancement would simplify configuration quite a bit.

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  1. Aneita Yang staff

    Thanks for the feedback, Thomas.

    Issue #13213 is an open issue that we have to track the request to support pushing back to the repository. I encourage you to watch / vote for that issue if it is something that you're interested in. However, the team is currently working on other higher priority features, so it is unlikely that we will be working on this in the near term.

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