Support Git LFS in the Bitbucket Pipelines

Issue #15135 duplicate
Nicholas Vanderzwet
created an issue

How is a minor priority and not a major or critical? also seems like a bug more than a proposal.

-bitbucket is pushing (and making money I assume) on pipelines -bitbucket is pushing git-lfs (I assume to save space and money) -Pipelines don't work with git-lfs

This is decentivizing both git-lfs and pipelines.

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  1. Matt Ryall staff

    I've updated the priority on that ticket, but in deciding what to prioritise we look more at customer interest and votes rather than the priority field.

    At the moment we're working on more highly voted features like multiple/deployment steps, test reporting and a few other top voted issues. I'm sure LFS won't be too far in the future, given the number of votes on that ticket.

    I'll close this as a duplicate of #13208.

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