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Damian Achaga
created an issue

Hi, it would be very useful that in section branches, we can delete branches massively. For example, selecting many branches of the list with checkboxses.

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  1. Sarah Biddle

    Duplicate of

    +1 for this issue and I have a few more suggestions:


    • Add a column with branch creator
    • Add a column with branch origin (eg. branced off from master, or from a hotfix branch)
    • Add a column with date of creation
    • Behind/ahead should show how the branch compares to the original branch, instead of comparing to whatever is selected in the drop-down in the upper left corner; this drop-down can be removed
    • Add check boxes
    • Add filter on: branch creator, branch origin, related pull request status (merged/open/etc)

    Management functionality

    • Enable user to multi-select branches
    • Add Remove button to remove the selected branches
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