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Hi Team,

We have uat branch and master branch. We made the changes in master and committed the code in the master branch and then pushed the changes in the uat branch as well.

The code was deployed successfully and then as expected.

However after few days,the commit seems to get missed from master and there is no track of the changes that was pushed last time.

Please check the below screenshot,where the commit was done on master and then pushed to UAT. The commit id was e04ab639a11ce90f78454bfceaac57177419f2f7

and now this commit id is not shown in the commit list.


since we had the code also backed up in the uat,we were able to compare and understand that the commit was missed.

We have faced this issues,earlier also.

Please take this on priority and let us know if it is a known issue. You can get in touch with me at for more details.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi there,

    Scenarios like these are often the result of edge cases (or repo-specific situations) that are difficult to track down in public issues like this one. The most common and impactful edge cases end up having lots of tickets opened against them which make them easier to resolve, but since we haven’t yet seen that with this issue, please open a support ticket at if you are still experiencing issues so we can better understand the specifics.



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