Source Browser Displays Encoded Spaces in File Path Breadcrumb

Issue #15170 closed
Mustafa Ashurex created an issue

When browsing source for a repository that has a folder with spaces in the name, the source browser renders the "%20" in the file path breadcrumb rather than a space.

Additionally, pressing reload on the page re-renders the breadcrumb with no space in it the second time.

Repro steps: Create a repository with a folder name containing a space in it.

Browser: Chrome 61.0.3163.100
OS: OS X 10.12.6
Language: EN_US

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  1. Amber Van Hecke staff

    Hi Mustafa, this issue should have been fixed with the new source browser release. You can turn on the new source browser via Bitbucket Labs in your settings. Thank you! Please open another ticket if you continue to have problems.

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