User doenst have the ability to clear the LFS billing popup

Issue #15171 open
Yana Bazulina staff created an issue

When user upgraded the LFS storage use for Bitbucket Cloud account, before the new billing period kicks in, they do not have the ability to clear the popup billing message. the message comes back after every login.

The only workaround the user has is to wait for the billing period to end and the billing changes to propagate to Bitbucket and for the message to clear

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff
    • changed status to open

    The "first usage" flags are designed to notify administrators that they will now be paying for Storage or Build minutes. The flag is supposed to only exist for 1 week, and be dismissable on a per-team-member basis for the duration of the administrators's logged in session. There's two bugs here which have made these a lot more annoying than they were designed to be.

    1. There was a bug in the notification handling of our billing system that failed to "remember" that it had already sent the notification for first usage. Thus resulting in the notification sent to users effectively never expiring.
    2. The flag notification shown to users isn't properly setting the "dismissed" attribute on the session, resulting in it popping up on every single page.

    We apologize that this issue has been so persistent, and are working on a fix for #1 right now, and #2 in the very near future.

  2. Dario Ahdoot

    This is super annoying. I'm constantly dismissing the popup as it occludes parts of the page I need to access.

    Edit. I may be commented on the wrong ticket. My popup is for exceeding pipelines minutes. I'm guessing they are related though.

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