Wrong user showing up as contributor in my private repo

Issue #1518 resolved
Alex Gillmor
created an issue

I have a private repository set up as betty. My username is asgillmor. I publish from my home box where my login is 'alex.'

Bitbucket is associating the bitbucket user 'alex' aka 'Alex Surachi; to my checkins for my private repository.

As you can see in the attached picture. I am logged in as 'asgilmor/betty' but the checkins are for Alex Suraci / alex, who did not check in any of this code and I hope does not have access to this code.

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  1. Jesper Noehr

    Username 'alex' does not have access to your code, first of all.

    Second, we do our best to match commits to the correct users, but sometimes we have very little to go on, and thus it fails. What you can do to help us figure it out more accurately, is to have your /.hgrc set up correctly.

    Please use something like this:

    username = Alex Gillmor <my@email.address>

    ...where the email address part is the most important to get right.

    These settings will not apply to any previous commits you've made, as they are part of history. To fix that, you can use the convert extension[1] with an authormap, to re-map all the authors on existing commits. Then, recreate your repository here on Bitbucket, and push the new changes back. All should be well then.

    Read more about the '--author' switch, that should help you.

    [1]: http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/ConvertExtension

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