Allow filtering Pipelines list based on pipelines configured in yml (master branch pipeline, custom pipeline etc.)

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Adam Bramley
created an issue

Currently it is not possible (from what i can see), to filter the list of pipeline builds by a specific pipeline. For example, I want to see a list of a particular pipeline that has been run across all branches.

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  1. Adam Bramley reporter

    @Aneita Yang Hi, thanks for the response! My use case is that I have a large amount of different pipeline builds happening on the same branch. The way the pipelines interface works now is I can only filter the pipeline builds for a specific branch. Let's say I have pipelineA running on every commit to master, and pipelineB is a manual pipeline run every so often on master. There is currently no way for me to look up a list of pipelineB runs without paginating through potentially dozens of pages of pipelineA builds.

  2. Aneita Yang staff

    Hey Adam, thanks for explaining. Was there a specific type of pipeline you were looking to filter for? The reason I ask is because we're currently working on deployment tracking within Bitbucket Pipelines, which might benefit you if you're looking to filter your deployment pipelines.

  3. Adam Bramley reporter

    No worries Aneita! I'm not too sure what Deployments are, we don't currently use them. All of our pipelines are run either via someone manually running a pipeline on a commit, or the pipeline automatically running against a new commit on a specific branch.

  4. Aneita Yang staff

    Hey Adam, are you able to tell me the different types of pipelines that you run (either manually or automatically)? I'm just trying to understand your use case for this in a little more detail.

  5. Adam Bramley reporter

    Hi Aneita, we have 7 custom pipelines which we run manually on various commits. These are used to deploy code to different environments, and also sync assets between them. We then have 3 branch piplines which run on different branches and used for various things like CI/CD, automatic releases, etc. I'm not sure how much more detail I can go into without providing my pipelines file but I don't see that being much use?

  6. Aneita Yang staff

    Hey Adam,

    Given you have pipelines which deploy code to different environments, deployment tracking might solve your use case. This is a new feature that we're working on with the aim of giving you more visibility into your deployments and allows you to filter your list of historic deployments based on their environment. There are some mockups included on the issue linked above for your reference.

    Alternatively, we've also done some investigation and thinking on filtering pipelines based on their branch, status and trigger type. Would something like this / additional filtering options solve your use case?

    Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.47.03 pm.png

  7. Adam Bramley reporter

    @Aneita Yang I don't think that'd solve it for us unfortunately. All I want to be able to do is filter by pipeline name. The pipelines interface shows this name as "custom:deploy-to-whatever" for custom pipelines, or "master" for branch pipelines. If I could filter on those pipeline keys (i.e the key that's defined in my pipelnes yml file) then that'd solve the problem for me.

    I want to see a list of all "deploy-to-whatever" pipelines, not a list of specific types of pipelines or how they are triggered.

  8. Aneita Yang staff

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the feedback. You can currently filter for your branch pipelines on the left hand side of the Pipelines page.

    As for filtering for specific pipelines, I'll open this issue up as a feature request to get a sense for how many other users are interested in the feature. However, the team are currently working on higher priority feature requests so this isn't something that we'll work on in the near future.

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