Remove negative letter spacing from body

Issue #15227 resolved
Jody Mickey created an issue

The body style rule has a negative letter spacing:

letter-spacing: -.005em;

This results in some words rendering in a difficult to read or even misleading manner. Consider the word "disclaimer". With negative letter spacing the 'c' and 'l' characters collide and appear to be the letter 'd'. I thought I had created a project called "disdaimer".

Another issue caused by this spacing is that words ending in some characters appear to be chopped off. For example, the right-most tips of the letter 'x' is clipped in the word "box".

For both of these examples the words I'm using were displayed in the repository list, so if you're dead set on squishing characters please consider at least removing it for the repo list, but IMO the site text is much easier to read with default letter spacing.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  1. Jody Mickey reporter

    I don't remember for sure, I was probably using Chrome at the time of reporting the issue. Would have been on a Mac, but maybe Sierra and not yet on High Sierra.

    I don't see the issue any more on either Firefox or Chrome on High Sierra. I don't know if the browsers updated to fix it, or if the BitBucket interface updated. I did notice that previously (in the screenshot) the heading was "Repository" (singular) and now it's "Repositories", so maybe a BB interface update took care of it along the way.

    In any case, I think you can close this. Thanks for looking into it!

  2. Alastair Wilkes

    Thanks for the response! We've been hearing reports about this specifically in Firefox in Windows 10, so I'm going to leave this open in case of more reports.

  3. Jody Mickey reporter

    I just checked FF in Windows 10 and can confirm it still exists. And my comment above about Repository now being Repositories is because I was on the dashboard overview page. If I click "View all repositories" to go to the full list, the page still shows "Repository" and on this page the problem is much more apparent, and consistent with my original report. I guess I was on FF/Win10 after all, sorry!

  4. Alfie Wallace

    Is there a chance of reopening this? This issue is still happening for me.

    I am on the latest versions of FF/Win10.

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