Remove negative letter spacing from body

Issue #15227 open
Jody Mickey
created an issue

The body style rule has a negative letter spacing:

letter-spacing: -.005em;

This results in some words rendering in a difficult to read or even misleading manner. Consider the word "disclaimer". With negative letter spacing the 'c' and 'l' characters collide and appear to be the letter 'd'. I thought I had created a project called "disdaimer".

Another issue caused by this spacing is that words ending in some characters appear to be chopped off. For example, the right-most tips of the letter 'x' is clipped in the word "box".

For both of these examples the words I'm using were displayed in the repository list, so if you're dead set on squishing characters please consider at least removing it for the repo list, but IMO the site text is much easier to read with default letter spacing.

Thank you for your consideration.