Pull request list view showing incomplete pull request tasks when all pull request tasks have actually been completed.

Issue #15230 duplicate
Brian Espinosa
created an issue

We have some pull requests that show up in the list view that there are unresolved pull request tasks. However, when you enter the pull request it shows that all of the pull requests are complete. This doesn't happen all the time.

This seems to more frequently happen when the pull request task was on a portion of code that was hidden after an update to the pull request. Upon viewing the task you can still see it was checked off in both the pull request task dropdown and by clicking the comment bubble on the file in the pull request to see the original comment and task.

This issue basically leaves some pull requests sitting longer than they should because people think there is still work to be done so they do not review. Basically this makes pull request tasks unusable at all for us.

This is happening for us on Bitbucket Cloud.

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