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Issue #1525 resolved

Can't view files with poundsign/hashsign/octothorpe in filename (BB-744)

created an issue

There's a file in my repository that has a pound sign (hash sign, octothorpe, etc.) in the file name. When you try to view the source in the bitbucket web interface, you get a 404 error, because the pound sign is not URL encoded; instead, the URL looks like it has an HTML fragment identifier.

Here's the URL that I get: {{{ http://bitbucket.org/sproaticus/chordpro/src/tip/sketch/filename#poundsign.txt }}}

Here's the URL that I expected (and [[http://bitbucket.org/sproaticus/chordpro/src/tip/sketch/filename%23poundsign.txt|shows the correct source]] BTW): {{{ http://bitbucket.org/sproaticus/chordpro/src/tip/sketch/filename%23poundsign.txt }}}

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