Random "This merge is too large to display" errors

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German Enriquez
created an issue

We are experiencing this issue at random with PR of ~50 files, with ~4K line additions, and ~1K line deletions. Refreshing the page sometimes fixes it.

We've been able to load significantly larger PR's in the past, albeit with poor page performance. Page performance is not an issue in this case once the diff is loaded.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi there,

    Scenarios like these are often the result of edge cases (or repo-specific situations) that are difficult to track down in public issues like this one. The most common and impactful edge cases end up having lots of tickets opened against them which make them easier to resolve, but since we haven’t yet seen that with this issue, please open a support ticket at https://support.atlassian.com/bitbucket-cloud if you are still experiencing issues so we can better understand the specifics.



  2. Zoltán Lehóczky

    This appears to be an issue with the "New source browser experience". If I switch that off under profile Settings/Labs, then the same happens as a few months ago: first I get the "diff too large" message, but after a refresh it fully shows. The new version won't fix itself like this.

  3. Nathan Feldman

    I'm seeing this too. Refreshing isn't helping. The destination branch in our case was updated after the PR was created in a way that would have created some merge conflicts, but I don't think it should be large enough to cause the whole diff to fail to load.

    edit: works fine after rebasing the source branch onto the destination branch

  4. Nirut_Phengjaiwong

    I also encounter this problem, I can't merge code since Mar 2018 and now (Aug-18) also can't.

    I fork Code from main-trunk and I always update every three months, since Mar I can't merge the code from the main trunk anymore, I always saw the error: "This merge is too large to display. " and the merge button didn't work when I clicked there was nothing happening.

    if someone has other alternative solution for solving this problem please let me know. Thank you.

  5. Antun Bartonicek

    Experiencing the same issue and so far it made me think that it fails due to weird reason: if branch path contains "/" then call to check for conflicts fails leading to whole diff failing with unexpected message of: This merge is too large to display.

    Example: Diffing develop to master leads to a larger diff (more than 200 files with 10000+ changes in total) but it works (as both branches are at the root and have no "/" in the path). Diffing integration/SIT to integration/UAT would produce much smaller diff (only few files changed) but conflict check fails with:

    {"type": "error", "error": {"message": "Something went wrong", "id": "78312d926a2c4943b54f84877c67efcd"}}

    This error can be seen in browser console as: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (). The request that was made looked like this: https://bitbucket.org/!api/internal/repositories/myServiceName/repoName/conflicts/integration/SIT%0Dintegration/UAT

    Hope this helps in investigating the issue.

  6. Piotr.Konczak@ttpsc.pl

    In last days I've faced this issue in multiple PRs (it didn't happen earlier). Some of them has worked earlier on. I personally prefer smaller PRs so there is about 29 files involved and non of the files is visible. Summarized count of lines in PR ~500. There is only one commit and if I open it directly diff is presented as expected.

    EDIT: why this bug has only minor priority? Actually it should be blocked because currently I can not display diff at all and in result usage of Bitbucket Cloud pull request is impossible.

  7. Colby Melvin

    My team is facing this issue in multiple open PRs with changesets comprised of ~20 files. Code review is currently at a standstill. We are resorting to using SourceTree for review, which severely downgrades the experience. Come on, we didn't even add any node_modules.

  8. Usman Khan

    Currently experiencing this issue. I have a hunch that it may be due to an already large pull request open on the same branch. This PR can be viewed fine, however, when I create a PR with even as little as 2-3 files it gives this error. Will have to wait till the existing PR gets merged to see if that makes a difference. Will update on the result.


    Didn't make a difference. This is still an issue.


    This is fixed now, turns out I had not synced commits from the master repo so the internal diff was too large.

  9. Hasnaa Ibraheem

    Another thing I noticed is that if you have opened multiple browser tabs for diffs from different large pull requests, you will most likely face the issue.. Try to open just one pull request at a time and refresh the page for more than one time as a temp workaround until that issue gets resolved.

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