Docker build error "unexpected EOF"

Issue #15280 resolved
Pascal Opitz
created an issue
docker build -t ${DOCKER_REGISTRY_REPO}:develop .
Sending build context to Docker daemon  38.35MB
Step 1/10 : FROM node:9
9: Pulling from library/node
85b1f47fba49: Pulling fs layer
ba6bd283713a: Pulling fs layer
817c8cd48a09: Pulling fs layer
47cc0ed96dc3: Pulling fs layer
8888adcbd08b: Pulling fs layer
6f2de60646b9: Pulling fs layer
9dd205971dc0: Pulling fs layer
5859715a4691: Pulling fs layer
8888adcbd08b: Waiting
6f2de60646b9: Waiting
9dd205971dc0: Waiting
5859715a4691: Waiting
47cc0ed96dc3: Waiting
ba6bd283713a: Download complete
85b1f47fba49: Verifying Checksum
85b1f47fba49: Download complete
8888adcbd08b: Download complete
6f2de60646b9: Verifying Checksum
6f2de60646b9: Download complete
9dd205971dc0: Verifying Checksum
9dd205971dc0: Download complete
5859715a4691: Download complete
817c8cd48a09: Verifying Checksum
817c8cd48a09: Download complete
85b1f47fba49: Pull complete
47cc0ed96dc3: Verifying Checksum
47cc0ed96dc3: Download complete
ba6bd283713a: Pull complete
817c8cd48a09: Pull complete
unexpected EOF

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  1. Aneita Yang staff

    Hi Pascal,

    Thanks for reaching out. Our team has already identified the issue and are working on a fix. You can stay up-to-date on the status of this issue by subscribing to our status updates.

    I apologise for the inconvenience caused.


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