[Mercurial] Squashing a pull-request results in an error without message (BBCC-503)

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Gijs van der Voort created an issue

There isn't that much else to say. I've added a screenshot that shows the error screen and also the network requests in the Firefox developer tools. You can clearly see the POST request for executing the merge (fulfill), followed by a GET request for the status. You can see the data of the response in the right bottom panel. complete is set to true, and the error array is empty:


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  1. Sean Farley

    Eek, sorry for missing this! I've created this in our backlog now and will try to investigate soon.

  2. Yoni Halperin

    This happened to me also and I agree with OP that it relates to squashing. However, this also happens when the pull-request is not from a fork. I'll add that the merge request closes the branch (creates close-branch commit) while the "unable to merge" window appears. Hope the investigation goes well.

  3. Morten Lied Johansen

    I'm a bit worried that a bug that is categorized as a "Blocker" is still open, almost a year and a half after it was first created. Has this still not been fixed, or is this just a case of forgetting to update the public tracker?

  4. Sean Farley

    It was "fixed" by removing Mercurial support entirely. Of course, no one on the team can be bothered to update this :-)

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